page one-street fair, spiderweb in fog, space ship arrives

page three- lady in lace

page four- egret strikes prey, hoarfrost squares


page one- flaming brand, brand heating in forge



page two- black rhino- Masai Mara, rainbow over Serengeti

page three- cape buffalo herd, cape buffalo- newborn calf, crested cranes

page four- hippo ngoro goro crater Tanzania, lioness whiskers at sunrise,


Alabama hills, arches

page one- moonset sunrise, Thin arch frames Mt. Whitney,

Alabama arch frames Mt. Whitney, before sunrise- moonset

page two- heart arch, fall color, backwards through Alabama arch,

Alabama arch frames White mountains


page one- Wayne Ill., Lostine river Or., Crossed Sabers ranch Joseph Or.

page two- red barn, 150 year old round barn, cut wheat with barn


Kyoto Japan- fall color:

page one- down the 1000 steps at Takao, river reflections,

small tori gates- Fushimi Inari Shinto shrine

page two - Takao region; outside main gate-maple leaves, inside main gate-magenta maple ,

further inside main gate- the many colors of the maples


Anza Borrego 2004:

page one- agave landscape, agave bloom, verbena on dunes

page two- bloom henderson canyon, landscape henderson canyon, caterpillar on verbena

page three- chuparosa and smoke tree, chuparosa landscape- plum canyon

chuparosa at sunrise- plum canyon, carrizo badlands- from hawk canyon mesa

Anza Borrego 2005 winter:

page one- pastel sunset Font's point, brittle bottle washer- carrizo wash

abandoned RR trestle- mortero wash, blooms in the rain DiGiorgio road

page two- moonset Hawk canyon, desert primrose in the rain, sunset Font's point

Anza Borrego 2005 spring:

page one- bloom in Fish creek wash, cracks in sandstone Fish creek wash,

anticline and desert aster Split mountain Fish creek wash

page two- Henderson canyon before sunrise, Smoke tree Sandstone canyon upper Fish creek wash

brittle bushes, wall of Coyote canyon

Anza Borrego 2006- winter

page one- before sunrise at 5 palms, closer to sunrise at 5 palms, sunrise at 5 palms

page two- light comes from old bedspring on dunes at landfill, landscape sunrise Glorietta canyon,

cholla before sunrise Glorietta canyon

Anza Borrego 2006- spring

Arizona San Diego Railroad

page one- HISTORY trestle from one hour away, full view of trestle from in Goat canyon,

trestle with curve and tunnel in distance

page two- HISTORY middle of trestle from Goat canyon, inside tunnel with curve,

page three- work train on right away above camp, tracks- tunnel- moon, engine going through cut approaching tunnel

blooms and landscapes

page one- blooms- chuparosa, hummingbird at agave

page two- landscapes- slot at back of Hawk canyon, arch in slot at Hawk canyon

Anza Borrego 2007- winter

page one- washingtonia palms, spring minerals, spring resurgence

page two- elephant tree, first leaves, peeling trunk

page three- Vista del Malpais, views of the Borrego badlands

page four- pre dawn nose ridge from vista del malpais, back lighted agaves at sunrise, palo verde bush with seed pods

Anza Borrego 2009- winter

page one- slot canyon Calcite Mine road, designs in rock in the slot

page two- barrel cactus spines- close, rainbow!

page three- screw bean mesquite tree seed pods 3x

Anza Borrego 2010

page one- desert lilly, multi bloom lilly

page two- lupine forest, lupine blooms

Bodie Ca.- a ghost town

page one- window reflections, history

page two- icicle encrusted building, one window, one window in black and white

page 3- dry goods store, coffee mill, right front window, school room

page 4- tombstones: evelyn age 3, oldest person, native of Denmark

page 5- tombstones: eroded obelisk, native of Ireland, cemetery in high desert chapparal

page 6- old house with cargo sled, black and white of same, residential area

Bridgeport Ca.

page one- 2500 year old juniper tree, spring green river meadow

sweetwater land and cattle company

page two- Indian paintbrush bloom, Indian paintbrush landscape,

pink blooming thorny bush


"Splendors of Light the Colorado Plateau" pub jan 2012

** for book website

Arches NP march 2008

page one- sandstone arch, skyline arch, tunnel arch

page two- tower arch in situ, tower arch, turret arch

page three- pine tree arch, north and south windows, petrified dunes

with snow capped Lasal Mountains

page four- double arch in situ, double arch, Lasal mountains with north window

page five- delicate arch in situ, delicate arch "shazam"

Bryce Canyon NP dec 2008

page one- lenticular landscape, amphitheatre after snow,

amphitheatre during snow storm, big hoodoos

page two- [glow of sunrise], Thor's hammer, Christmas tree, striated hoodoos,

glowing "fins"

page three- [the shapes], dunce caps , Indian headresss, flower blossoms

Canyonlands NP dec 2008

Dead Horse pt.

page one 3 long views from the point

Island in the Sky

page one [views near Moab], Fisher towers, reflection on Colorado r.

page two [from "Island in the Sky"] Green river, Rock canyon, upheaval dome

Needles District

page one 3 views of pronghorn antelope

page two wooden shoe arch, north and south 6 shooter buttes

view of the needles

Newspaper Rock

page one insitu, shooting deer from horse, serpents and bird

many toed feet up the wall

White Rim

page one mesquite tree and butte, FJ in Hardscrabble, the other side of FJ

butte along Green river

Capitol Reef National Monument

page pt.5 Hickman Bridge

page one long view end of Burr trail. Henry mountains, sunrise from Boulder mtn, Capitol dome sunrise in fog

page two Burr trail, the slot canyon [4 images]

page three down "Hole in Rock", Lake Powell [with story], 1896 grafitti, long view across Lake Powell

page four 600mm view across lake, tears on cut of Hole in Rock, Grand Staircase

page five fall color Grand Staircase 1&2, Drive to Hole in Rock- Grand Staircase

Capitol Reef National Monument- park 2009

page one temple of the sun, temple of the sun- dark sky, pushing cows

page two temple of the moon, temple of the sun and moon- in background

Devil's Garden, Glen Canyon National Recreation area


page one bird head totem, sculpured arch, ancient people,

page two panorama hoodoo landscape, ice cream cone, double hoodoo

Fall Color, Dixie National Forest

page one- YANKEE MEADOWS,through heavy rain

close with 600mm lense, long view, leaves on ground


red maples in rain, back light oak leaves, soft forest view, maple and oak leaves

page three- BEAR FLATS AT 10,000FT

red colored aspen in snow, red colored aspen close, aspen leaves on ground

Grand Canyon, North Rim

page one- CAPE ROYAL, colorado river rapids thru Angel's window,

sunrise, Angel's window, Angel's window thru trees

page two- PT. IMPERIAL, Mt. Hayden before sunrise, Mt. Hayden vertical with

ghost cliffs, Mt. Hayden sunrise

page three- FRANKLIN PT. horizontal with curve of earth, vertical down into canyon

page four- COLORADO RIVER, river rock-Lee's Ferry, upstream from Navajo bridge

vertically into the water from the bridge [actual river color]

page five- Bright Angel's pt. , a view toward the south rim, painterly rocks Cape Royal

Kodachrome Basin State park

page one- Chimney Rock, Chimney Rock with person for scale, Grosvenors' double arch- in situ, Grosvenor's double arch

Monument Valley:

page one- skeleton and buttes, crack in sandstone wall, red/blue sunset

page two- hunt's mesa: sunset, sunrise and stone arch at back of wash

page three- cliff dwelling in rock bowl, sandstone layers

page four- white horse and butte

Monument Valley 2009

page one- paint horse and three sisters, the remuda grazing, butte with crescent moon and anvil thunderstorm- sunset

page two- North Window after storm, left and right mittens, Ya Be Che,

"Let There Be Light" butte at sunset

Zion NP dec 2008

page one "A Light Shines in the Darkness" moonset at the court of the Three Patriarchs

page 2 shotgunned leaves, rock striations, red striations w/ yucca


Junk Yard Art jun 09

page 1 wheel covers four images

page 2 brakes axles and springs three images

page 3 boo hoo cadillac, engine, hoods

page 4 5 stacked crushed cars, grills, old wiring harnesses- solarized

page 5 "beamed in from the past", painted side of hippy van,

hippy van door handles

page 6 android children on way to school, end of line, naked engine

page 7 steering wheels on bus, posterized, vertical

page 8 stacked hoods, red and blue doors, side mirrors

Napa Valley

page one- senescing grape leaves, spider vein grape leaves

page two- grapes with red leaves, sunrays, grape leaves


Palouse: spring

page one - glowing fields and tree- sunset, spring wheat and clouds, dawn in the rain

page two -view towards Kamiak butte-sunrise, farm at sunset,

rows of wheat glow chartreuse at sunset

San Diego Zoo, "eyes"

page one- elephant, panda

page two- secretary bird, flamingo

Timber Harvest Soquel Demonstration State Forest SDSF 2012


COPY- not yet built


page one- sucker growth on fresh stump, fallers pose, falling tree explodes

in dust, falling tree with sunburst, grapples, grousers of excavator

page two- through legs and harness of horses, horses running

log butt with CDF brand, loader decking log, loader wheel in motion

page three- CDF brand, twin log butts, loader with mouth open ready to work

PeeWee yarding multiple logs, rearing bulldozer, rump harness of horses


there are six complete falling sequences shown in each page.

page one- falling sequence one

page two- falling sequence two

page three- falling sequence three

page four- falling sequence four

page five- falling sequence five

page six- falling sequence six


page one- drover at reins, horses coming to work, horses at run

coming through forest, coming through forest (closer),

crossing log, old way and new way, Randy Clayton with his team,

skidding log, view of double tree


page one- sequence of loading huge log

page two- building decks and loading logs

page three- building decks and loading logs


page one- mat tells story, other mat tells story, head shot of hard work

SDSF staff, Enrique works with lalo, Enrique at Jenny memorial,

Randy and spouse bringing horses to work, Miguel, Thomas Sutfin and sons


page one- *** amazing sequence of rearing bulldozer

page two- empty grapple, grapple skidder coming down trail,

skidding, skidding multiple logs, grapples

page three- heavy pull, dust a reality of skidding, skidding

skidding in deep cover, skidding long logs


page one- bulldozer yarder moving to new landing,

yarder on small landing, PeeWee being fueled, grousers act

like water wheel in dust, guts of the machine

page two- Luis between grapples, PeeWee in flight,

PeeWee yarding multiple logs, PeeWee yarding heavy log- note sag

in cable, tail block at bottom of cable run, yarder cable drums,

yarder and PeeWee at top of run


Trona Pinnacles (NEW nov 2012)

night page one- by light of full moon, after sunset, moonrise

behind pinnacle

night page two- pinnacles by moonlight, "painted" with light

the guardian, moon flare in lense

Mr. Fuller's art- head from palm trunk, improbably skier in

wheel chair, totem, tribute to Bob Dylan

day page one- morning ground fog, beak of the hawk, pinnacles

by day,

day page two- sunrise one, sunrise two, sunrise three


page one Republic of Palau- western Pacific- Jellyfish lake, crinoid on gorgonian

page two - a manatee we named "Snoopy"- Crystal river Fl. , gold crinoid- San Lucia- greater Antilles,

Indian Ocean, Kisite Marine Reserve on the border between Kenya and Tanzania; hawkfish looking at me

Elkhorn Slough- shorebirds

page one- egrets- head, takeoff, in flight, landing

page two- breeding plumage- commorant, avocet, loons

page three- blue heron, godwit, godwit group

Natural Bridges- pelicans

page one- archangel pelican, formation landing, still in the air

page two- "peek a-boo" landing,

Big Sur- landscapes

page one "Life, a Journey to the Unknown" B&W bridge in the fog

page two long view land/seascape, indian paintbrush, maritime chapparal

xmas boat lights

page one masts in motion, light reflections on water, masts camera movement

page two digitally manipulated masts,swirling lights, xmas tree and ornaments

turtle in peace sign


Yosemite NP

page one Yosemite falls a study 4 views

page two the snag a study 4 views

page three half dome a study 4 views

page four elcap a study 3 views

page five faery lights at the Awahnee, the crow, dead falls, flowing water