Anza Borrego spring 2006- Arizona San Diego railroad 2




the middle of the trestle


A bit of the history, quoted from a web site: One note here: Due to WW1, they never got to build it east of El Centro Ca, at the southern end of the imperial valley and the Salton sea.

Ever since the Mexican War, the hue and cry had been for a direct rail line to the east, first from military necessity, then to develop the Port of San Diego. Even when the California Southern Railroad, now Santa Fe, was built, 1881 to 1885, no direct line was achieved and when the Santa Fe management moved the offices to Los Angeles and the shops from National City to San Bernardino, making San Diego's bought and paid for railroad nothing but a branch line, promotions for a direct line again sprang up. None was brought into fruition. So, in 1906, there was no hope of ever financing a road, though some $40,000 had been raised for surveys and rights-of-way for a proposed route named San Diego & Eastern Railway. Imagine the shock, the surprise and then renewed confidence of the people of San Diego when the San Diego Union of December 14, 1906 displayed the almost incredible headlines: RAILROAD FROM SAN DIEGO TO YUMA IS NOW ASSURED. Named San Diego and Arizona Railway. Line Will Be Built and Owned By Spreckels Interests.

inside a tunnel